Wallpaper… Is it for me?

Wallpaper has been around for many, many years. In recent times platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have provided a breeding ground for creativity and knowledge share. Men and women are now able to access imagery of every description which relates to an interior style they are interested in. We are now in a position to explore ideas we never would have previously been exposed to. The beauty of these platforms is being able to … Continue reading Wallpaper… Is it for me?

Colour me in

The Custom Wallpaper team has previously discussed the possibilities of wallpaper when it comes to your kids. It is a fun activity to pick a print that they love, that harnesses their imagination. But what if you could take it one step further and see them not only use their imagination but their creativity whilst improving their skills? Colour in wallpaper is the perfect option for the young ones to have fun in their bedrooms … Continue reading Colour me in

The blank effect

The mystery of a white wall is incredible. It is literally a blank canvas waiting to be covered with colourful creations. Do you ever have one of those days whereby you just want to walk up to a wall and throw paint at it? Oh, you can’t because you rent or don’t want to clean up the mess? Peel and stick wallpaper is perhaps the best solution to ensure you can still have those incredibly … Continue reading The blank effect

Therapeutic wallpaper

It’s become a well-known fact that colouring in is not just for kids. The therapeutic effects associated with colouring have left adults feeling calmer, giving the brain the rest it needs. But what happens to those books once you complete them? They get stored on a bookshelf or put in a box. What if you could see your artwork, reminiscent of a colour by numbers, displayed on your walls? Thus outlined wallpaper is presented. You … Continue reading Therapeutic wallpaper

Fun ideas for the kids’ room

Creativity, imagination, adventure… all things that rule the minds of kids. Remember the time when every day was a new opportunity to discover a new land or go trekking through a rainforest? Kids have an incomparable ability to turn anything into fun. As parents how can we take that creativity and ensure they are forever in a position to find inspiration around them? A cool room will assist. The easiest way to do this, without … Continue reading Fun ideas for the kids’ room

Tastes change luckily so does wallpaper

Sometimes your taste will change and that’s perfectly acceptable. Like the seasons change so will your areas of passion. For spring it may be pastels and for winter it may be deep tones such as maroon or mahogany. One thing that remains consistent is the reliability of wallpaper. No matter your style or your desire, wallpaper can always equate for your choice. Whether it’s a custom design or a specific pattern you have sourced, the … Continue reading Tastes change luckily so does wallpaper

The wall mural

Exhibit A, the magnificent wall mural. A brilliant phenomenon that has been gracing the walls of Australian homes for years. However, one small change that has been evident over the years is the ability to custom print anything you like. Suddenly the concept of displaying one’s memories has become the segue to a world of opportunity. The brilliance of a wall mural means that you can display your trip to Cuba from 2009 where you … Continue reading The wall mural

It’s all about bricks

A theme we have been seeing around the place in both domestic and commercial applications is the use of brick prints. These days it is quite difficult to come by brick and when you do it’s in a specific room. Sometimes you may want a brick look in the bedroom not the dining room. The benefit of wallpaper is you can apply it in any room and tie in your interior style to suit. There … Continue reading It’s all about bricks

Your Life on a Wall

Life has so many captured moments that are worth flaunting – especially in your own home. Instead of sharing on Facebook why not line your walls with them? One great aspect about wallpaper is the ability to change it up every so often. You don’t have to be limited to one coat of paint. The beauty of interior styling is the ability to tell a story. These are your passions, your stories, your decisions to … Continue reading Your Life on a Wall

Creating an Unforgettable Interior

People’s passion for interior design has become increasingly evident across social media platforms such as Pinterest and more recently, Instagram. The international shared appreciation for styling and design is fuelling a new age of interiors and those who style them. The Custom Wallpaper team are quite passionate about the stunning photography we come across as we search for the latest in interior design. As we like to say ‘Inspiration is key in the search for … Continue reading Creating an Unforgettable Interior

The Brisbane Home Show – Questions Answered

The Brisbane Home Show brought interior enthusiasts of every description together to discover the latest in renovation solutions. Custom Wallpaper featured at the event with visitors enjoying the live demonstrations and the opportunity to meet the team. We had a range of visitors from first time DIYers and experienced home renovators. Even for the seasoned, the peel and stick wallpaper was a fantastic product to look at. Quite a few visitors didn’t realise how easy … Continue reading The Brisbane Home Show – Questions Answered

Wallpaper & Rentals

One of the biggest road blocks for DIY enthusiasts is being a renter. Many of us would be familiar with the process behind the modification of a rental property which is very inconvenient if you have countless ideas and styling aspirations. The application process can be timely and your landlord may not be supportive of your proposed interior transformation. The best way to approach the situation is to consider changes that don’t dramatically alter the … Continue reading Wallpaper & Rentals

The wonder of wallpaper by an interior designer

Wallpaper is a finish that can be used across various environments. In recent years the use of the finish has been utilised by an increasing number of interior designers who are wanting to create big impact whilst adhering to a budget. In the following interview we discuss the use of wallpaper in hospitality, retail and commercial environments with interior designer Sevilay Keser. She has found that the use of wallpaper is increasing across the board … Continue reading The wonder of wallpaper by an interior designer

5 ways to utilise wallpaper to enhance a room

It’s a new year, the sun is out and the living room looks like it could do with some renovating. After some rigorous Pinterest searching you have found the interior style you’re after. One particular element that has stood out is the wallpaper. Perhaps a first time applier, your DIY instincts tell you to do some research.  Finding yourself at you proceed to learn about the effective use of wallpaper. 1. Decide if you’re … Continue reading 5 ways to utilise wallpaper to enhance a room

How to choose the right wallpaper

When confronted with the task of applying wallpaper there are a few things to consider. Before choosing what print you want, first think about the material. Are you looking for longevity, easy to apply or fully removable? To assist with the preliminary thought process we have compiled an easy guide to the different types of wallpaper. In short, there are three types of wallpaper methods, being: Traditional Wallpaper The first option to consider is traditional … Continue reading How to choose the right wallpaper