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Wallpaper & Rentals

One of the biggest road blocks for DIY enthusiasts is being a renter. Many of us would be familiar with the process behind the modification of a rental property which is very inconvenient if you have countless ideas and styling aspirations.

The application process can be timely and your landlord may not be supportive of your proposed interior transformation. The best way to approach the situation is to consider changes that don’t dramatically alter the composition of thRealivingmage property. That being said you may think that this rules wallpaper out. Surely, it can’t be easy to get approval as it’s a material that completely covers the walls! Here at we say ‘fear not’ as our peel and stick wallpaper is the perfect solution when wanting to decorate as a renter. The product composition ensures no damage is done to walls and allows you to reuse on multiple occasions.  Its tinted adhesive ensures a solid colour finish and can be installed on any surface except non-painted brick. To make matters even better we let you upload your own artwork to stick onto your wall. Your interior aspirations can come alive again, especially for those who are wanting an interior that is completely custom.

So although you need to run it past your landlord, be confident that peel and stick wallpaper is the wallpaper you can trust.