The wonder of wallpaper by an interior designer

Wallpaper is a finish that can be used across various environments. In recent years the use of the finish has been utilised by an increasing number of interior designers who are wanting to create big impact whilst adhering to a budget. In the following interview we discuss the use of wallpaper in hospitality, retail and commercial environments with interior designer Sevilay Keser. She has found that the use of wallpaper is increasing across the board and is an effective way to create impact when considering the design of your space.
In what instance would you specify wallpaper?

Subject to the client’s brief, we often try to integrate a wallpaper solution which is appropriate for that retail/ commercial/ hospitality space.  We like to see a diverse and complimentary range of finishes for each space we design, as we don’t like to restrict ourselves just to the generic timber floorboards and painted wall solution.  

What do you look for when trying out samples?

Quality is always important, as we have an obligation to design environments that are going to be long lasting. But my focus tends to narrow in to the textural component that wallpapers can offer. I look at what shadows and lines can be created when the light hits a surface that has a wallpaper finish on it. 

In the hospitality and retail interior environments do you think wallpaper is being used more?

From my experience there has been an increase of vinyl wallpaper used in hospitality fitouts, due to the commercial grade of the wallpaper and the ease of being able to wipe it down. This prerequisite is always highlighted and requested by hospitality clients. I do find/see that there is a higher demand for wallpaper use in high end restaurants, as it certainly creates the ‘luxe’ feel.  

In retail and commercial fitouts, the use of large custom murals prints have increased and continue to be requested, as our clients have the opportunity to sell their message/brand/vision through these large prints.

Do you keep your eyes out for new wallpaper styles?

Absolutely, wallpaper is just as important as any other architectural finish that we have to source. Product knowledge is key. It is important to ensure, as designers, that we continue to branch out with our selection/specification of finishes – to continue to create exciting and unique interiors with every opportunity we are presented. 

I generally try to check in with the local soft furnishings representatives around town. They bring in the hard samples of the newest and greatest arrivals. In saying that, I like to make an effort to also find out what is internationally trending by researching through design blogs and seeing what is being showcased in famous design exhibitions. 

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