5 ways to utilise wallpaper to enhance a room

It’s a new year, the sun is out and the living room looks like it could do with some renovating.

After some rigorous Pinterest searching you have found the interior style you’re after. One particular element that has stood out is the wallpaper. Perhaps a first time applier, your DIY instincts tell you to do some research.  Finding yourself at Customwallpaper.net.au you proceed to learn about the effective use of wallpaper.

1. Decide if you’re looking to cover the whole room or create a feature wall

The first major decision is deciding where you will be applying the wallpaper. Think about the size of the space and elements within to determine what best suits the space. Also consider which will make the effect you are looking for. Decide if you wanting to draw attention to one wall or create ambience throughout the whole room.

2. Align the wallpaper with the interior style  

Create a story with your interior. You can do this by making sure the wallpaper complements what is happening in the room. Although ‘statement makers’ in some settings they can also be too conflicting. Ensure the print works well with the features of the room whether they are a table and chairs, coffee tables, display cabinets or lighting fixtures. Every element should connect.

3. Pick a print that reflects your interests

The benefit of Customwallpaper is that it is custom. The print can be chosen from a library of images or uploaded by you. Whether you are wanting to recreate your hike in the mountains or display a picture of your favourite band, Customwallpaper gives you the choice to do so.

4.  Differentiate your wallpaper from everyone else

Dare to be different. Interiors do not have to be an excerpt from the Kmart catalogue (although brilliant). Start looking at your interior as an opportunity to express yourself. Choose a custom print from your image library or pick a print and combine it with unique interior elements to create an overall brilliant look and feel.

5.  Deciding on a picture or pattern

Depending on what you choose, will determine how the room feels. You may want to relive memories, be transported to your favourite place or create a picturesque environment. For some interiors, patterned wallpaper is the way to go. It all depends on the style of the room.