How to choose the right wallpaper

When confronted with the task of applying wallpaper there are a few things to consider.

Before choosing what print you want, first think about the material. Are you looking for longevity, easy to apply or fully removable? To assist with the preliminary thought process we have compiled an easy guide to the different types of wallpaper.

In short, there are three types of wallpaper methods, being:

Traditional Wallpaper
The first option to consider is traditional wallpaper. Envision a 1960s couple decorating their living room, applying the glue and rolling on the paper. Fast forward fifty years and you won’t see that happen very often as there are other, more user friendly options. When it comes to applying, traditional wallpaper glue needs to be applied to the back before being hung on the wall. It can be quite messy and is best applied by a professional. This can be costly when looking at labour, travel and all other costs associated in a call out. When it comes to removing the wallpaper it must be steamed off and can often leave glue on the walls.

The second option is water-activated wallpaper which is pre-glued before application. The wallpaper must be submersed into water in order to activate the glue which can also be complex, especially for first timers. It is also recommended to paint the wall first with a neutral colour as any bright colours can come through the wallpaper thus affecting the appearance of your newly covered wall. Much like traditional wallpaper it must be steamed off which can leave glue on the surface. This method is best for experienced DIYers who have worked with different wallpaper styles before.

Peel and Stick
The third and final option is peel and stick wallpaper. This material is self-adhesive, fully removable and unlike its predecessors won’t damage the wall. A nice and easy wallpaper to use it is suited to beginner DIYers. Different texture options are available such as a fabric finish which enhances the feel of the wall. Its tinted adhesive ensures a solid colour finish and can be installed on any surface except non-painted brick.

Our recommendation:
When it comes to wallpaper that is easy to apply and suited to those who want to DIY, Peel and Stick is the answer. The product composition ensures no damage is done to walls and allows you to reuse. uses only peel and stick as it’s high quality and suited to all interior environments.

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