The Brisbane Home Show – Questions Answered

The Brisbane Home Show brought interior enthusiasts of every description together to discover the latest in renovation solutions. Custom Wallpaper featured at the event with visitors enjoying the live demonstrations and the opportunity to meet the team.

We had a range of visitors from first time DIYers and experienced home renovators. Even for the seasoned, the peel and stick wallpaper was a fantastic product to look at. Quite a few visitors didn’t realise how easy the process could be. Luckily, our team were more than happy to assist with the education process. Each day we hosted a live demonstration for visitors to witness firsthand the quality of the product and the quickest and easiest way to apply the wallpaper.

Visitors had a few common questions so we thought we’d list them below in case our readers were thinking the same thing:

  1. Can ‘peel and stick’ wallpaper be used in bathrooms and outdoors?
    • This is an incredibly interesting question. We are happy to report that, yes, you may. As long as it is sealed with a water based clear acrylic sealer. You see, as it states in the description wallpaper is indeed a paper product. However we shan’t let that stop you from installing a colourful statement wall. When ordering contact the team and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction as to preferred products.
  2. Can I use my own picture?
    • You may, in fact we encourage it! You just need to make sure the image meets the minimum photo resolution specifications. Along with our image library we encourage you to choose imagery that connects you to memories or moments from your life. Wallpaper can showcase anything you want – that’s part of the beauty of it.
  3. Does install?
    • Yes, as a matter of fact the team is able to refer you to a troupe of installers who will be able to install your wallpaper. We pride ourselves in supplying a product that is nice and easy to install but at the same time we know it can be a touch stressful when you want your wall to be perfect. If you would like assistance when installing simply contact our team and we will be able to refer you to an installer close to your area.

From the team at Custom Wallpaper, we want to say thank you to all those who made the trip to the show.

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