Creating an Unforgettable Interior

People’s passion for interior design has become increasingly evident across social media platforms such as Pinterest and more recently, Instagram. The international shared appreciation for styling and design is fuelling a new age of interiors and those who style them.

The Custom Wallpaper team are quite passionate about the stunning photography we come across as we search for the latest in interior design. As we like to say ‘Inspiration is key in the search for interior nirvana’. One thing is clear, when we search platforms, the interiors we enjoy the most are those with character. Whether they are minimalist, monochrome, or bursting with colour db68774746f77e6420de6f4ff25f6532rooms with character are the most captivating. We believe that a part of that is tying in personal items of interest to bring your interior character. An example of doing so is applying a photo from your life – a family photo, a captured image from your trip to the United Kingdom or perhaps a moment from your childhood. There’s something about an image on a wall that has the ability to stop and capture an audience. This could be a comment or a ten minute session of staring at the artwork. The best part of this though, as the owner you get to be reminded of the divine memory you have chosen to coat your walls with. The joyous part of styling your own home is being able to do what you want, take photos and contribute to an online community of people who are also passionate about interiors. Share your story, show people your passions and be proud of what you have created.

More often we are seeing interiors that tell stories. Incredibly capable people are taking individual elements, pulling them together and creating an all-encompassing feel for their home. Perhaps a tad biased, we believe that wallpaper has the potential to play a major role in this. What will give an interior the most impact is the combination of heartfelt memories with stylish interior features.