Your Life on a Wall

Life has so many captured moments that are worth flaunting – especially in your own home. Instead of sharing on Facebook why not line your walls with them? One great aspect about wallpaper is the ability to change it up every so often. You don’t have to be limited to one coat of paint.

The beauty of interior styling is the ability to tell a story. These are your passions, your stories, your decisions to recreate or create something completely new that ultimately ties in every aspect of your interior. All of those nights searching for inspirational images on Pinterest and Instagram will now pay off. Decorating doesn’t have to break the bank either. With cost effective fixtures, furniture and wallpaper as options the possibilities are endless.

Now we may be a little biased about the use of wallpaper. Can you blame us? Instead of framing your memories, coat your walls with them. It is the perfect way to bring a room to life whilst utilising images you love. Unless all of your holiday photos to Venice turned out fuzzy (we are so incredibly sorry if that’s the case) then perhaps it would suit more to pick an image from our library. With wallpaper you can take your guests to new places. Alternatively you can relive some of your life’s greatest moments. If those moments are yet to come then fear not as you can simply peel away the existing wallpaper and replace it with a new image. Luckily our ‘peel and stick’ products will leave no trace of previous wallpaper. It all seems so fantastic and it is! We are advocates for the interior passionate. May you continue to be inspired by the world around you or the inspiration pages that fill Pinterest. We look forward to seeing the wonderful ways wallpaper is used throughout home interiors.