The wall mural

Exhibit A, the magnificent wall mural. A brilliant phenomenon that has been gracing the walls of Australian homes for years. However, one small change that has been evident over the years is the ability to custom print anything you like. Suddenly the concept of displaying one’s memories has become the segue to a world of opportunity.

1_montmartre-paris-wall-muralThe brilliance of a wall mural means that you can display your trip to Cuba from 2009 where you partied with your best gal pals in a bar with a name you don’t remember. Perhaps you didn’t end up in a bar. You may want to remember the ski trip to Mt Fuji in Japan with your mates. No matter where you were, or who you were with, you are able to display the priceless memory proudly in your home. As life goes by it’s easy to let those precious moments pass you by. It is our belief that memories should be preserved and with a custom wall mural option this is now possible.
So you’re now convinced a wall mural is the way to go. You’ve become quite nostalgic about the whole thing. The idea is there and you’ve reflected on those precious moments in your life… but what next?
As discussed in previous posts Custom Wallpaper stocks the optimal product as it can be removed and reapplied without damaging your walls. If you haven’t read it the benefits can be summarised here:
The custom wallpaper peel and stick product ensures that you can 1. Post your favourite pictures on your wall. 2. Replace the images whenever you want.

So there you have it – easy. The images you want on the walls you want. The next big decision is how big you want the images. A factor you should also consider is the size of the photo. Ensure it’s of high quality. This way you won’t have a distorted image. Very quickly, your beloved memory could turn into a fuzzy one. Fear not though, the Custom Wallpaper team is always happy to help in case you’re in doubt. Our goal is to ensure your custom photo print is perfect. The hardest part of the process will be picking the photo. But then again, a house can have many blank walls.