The blank effect

The mystery of a white wall is incredible. It is literally a blank canvas waiting to be covered with colourful creations.

Do you ever have one of those days whereby you just want to walk up to a wall and throw paint at it? Oh, you can’t because you rent or don’t want to clean up the mess? Peel and stick wallpaper is perhaps the best solution to ensure you can still have those incredibly creative moments.

A blank white piece of wallpaper means you can draw all over the wall without the guilt or worry about repercussions. If you love art but don’t want to be confined to a canvas consider drawing directly onto the walls.

What may appear to be a painful task is actually quite simple. Custom Wallpaper’s product is designed to ensure it is easy to apply and remove without damaging the wall underneath. So you can peel and stick as many times as you like. In fact, if you created some artwork and wanted to keep it for future you could potentially remove and store the wallpaper to reapply later. The product keeps its life well so your creativity can be showcased around the house.

Step 1: Prepare the wall by ensuring all residue is wiped off.

Step 2: Peel the wallpaper from its backing.

Step 3: Do as the name says and stick it to the wall. This is easiest to achieve this is by using an edged item to smooth it across the surface*.

The process is simple so get ready to unleash your creative side. Share your photos to the Custom Wallpaper Instagram and we will share your creations across the page @customwallpaperau

*A detailed list of instructions is available on our FAQ page.