Colour me in

The Custom Wallpaper team has previously discussed the possibilities of wallpaper when it comes to your kids. It is a fun activity to pick a print that they love, that harnesses their imagination. But what if you could take it one step further and see them not only use their imagination but their creativity whilst improving their skills? Colour in wallpaper is the perfect option for the young ones to have fun in their bedrooms or play rooms.

Some concerns may be that this encourages them to draw on their walls. However, you could put the wallpaper print up outside on an external service that is dedicated to ‘play time’. Alternatively you could reserve this for the play room which has been created for them to play in.

The beauty of colour in wallpaper is that it can be showcased, stored and replaced easily. Once the kids finish with one colour in print they can get ready for the next one. For those mums and dads who like to keep artwork, peel and stick wallpaper is perfect as it can be stored.

So why not harness that imagination and excitement? Lace your walls with an outline for the kids.