Wallpaper… Is it for me?

Wallpaper has been around for many, many years. In recent times platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have provided a breeding ground for creativity and knowledge share. Men and women are now able to access imagery of every description which relates to an interior style they are interested in. We are now in a position to explore ideas we never would have previously been exposed to. The beauty of these platforms is being able to save items and present the journey and results of your work. Design inspiration is accessible at the touch of a finger, literally.

From these applications we have seen that wallpaper is being used in a multitude of ways. From the traditional application to walls all the way to lampshade coverings. The possibilities are simply endless and it is fantastic to see individuals using wallpaper in new and wonderful ways.

In summary, wallpaper can be as bold and subtle as you like. It will generally suit any interior. We have found though that people can be reserved as to its use. This is because of previous ideas of wallpaper being a troublesome item that is timely to apply and generally leaves marks when removing. However, this isn’t the case with premium product. The peel and stick range is a suitable product that allows you to achieve the interior design you want without the drama.