Therapeutic wallpaper

It’s become a well-known fact that colouring in is not just for kids. The therapeutic effects associated with colouring have left adults feeling calmer, giving the brain the rest it needs. But what happens to those books once you complete them? They get stored on a bookshelf or put in a box. What if you could see your artwork, reminiscent of a colour by numbers, displayed on your walls? Thus outlined wallpaper is presented. You can upload a design you like, something that suits your style, your needs and wants. Once you’ve chosen a style you like, simply order and begin your artistic journey.

You can imagine the therapeutic effect now. Imagine your Sunday morning complete with coffee, warm Spring air, your paints or pens and an outline on a wall. So much time can be dedicated to clearing your mind, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So often we commit to something and just as quickly forget about it. The beauty of the outlined wall is it is a working progress. You literally see your artwork come together and the end result is breathtaking.

However, the visual result should not be the only focal point. The therapeutic journey of the piece is just as important. Going back to the essence of the activity, colouring in your walls will bring a sense of calm whilst also showcasing your artistic side. The colours are yours which means you can make the design suit your interior. The overall effect will leave your home looking fresh whilst also taking you on a journey of creativity.

The beauty of peel and stick wallpaper is you can remove it once you’re done. If you feel the wallpaper design needs to change you can do so. If you want to start the process again and colour in a new design you can. The limit does not exist when it comes to wallpaper.