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Breaking Wave, Waimea Bay

A breaking wave forming a wall of foam rolls up the beach at Waimea Bay.
The northern hemisphere winter months on the North Shore signal a concentration of surfing activity with some of the best surfers in the world taking advantage of swells originating in the stormy Northern Pacific.
Notable North Shore spots include Waimea Bay, Off The Wall, Backdoor, Rocky Point, Log Cabins, Rockpiles and Sunset Beach…

Photographer Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson 

Discovered at the Point Break location of Bells Beach, Torquay at the end of the 60’s, Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson snapped up a reputation for capturing iconic surf images.

In 1972 Peter got his first published image ‘Narrabeen’s Col Smith’ at the Bells Beach Easter Surfing contest and his exposure increased from there.
Hence, over the last four decades, ‘Joli’ images have been published in countless surf publications all over the world.

“For the past 20 years I’ve travelled the world capturing the world’s oceans, landscapes, beaches, surfing action, cultures and lifestyles.”
In the process Joli Productions has developed an extensive Stock Photo Library.

“My youthful enthusiasm developed into a lifelong passion. ”
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