Space Rocket Launch

Space Rocket Launch – Easy Lift Off Wallpaper

Self-Adhesive (Peel & Stick) Wallpaper: $82.50 per m2

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Product Description

Space Rocket Launch – Easy Lift Off Wallpaper

3… 2… 1… LIFT-OFF!!!

This Space Rocket Wallpaper will send you over the moon!
It’s a DIY Peel & Stick wallpaper.
So no Glue required!
Just some rocket fuel to keep up with all the excitement.
(By rocket fuel we mean one of those healthy green drinks)

Give you child an out of this world feature wall.
Encourage their dreams of anything is possible.
My brother always said ” When I grow up, I want to be an Astronaut for NASA “.
He still loves Red Dwarf to this day while working in futuristic technology.

Inspire creativity, drawing, ideas, technology, science and design with this Space Rocket Launch Wall mural and become a Galactic adventurer.

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