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Pokémon No Go Zone – Sticker!

Self-Adhesive (Peel & Stick) Wallpaper: $82.50 per m2

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Product Description

Pokémon No Go Zone Sticker!

Have you been to a park recently and couldn’t find any parking?
Was it due to large numbers of people holding out smart phones and portable devices trying to catch some trending small little Japanese monsters that are trying to out-do the cuteness of Furby?
Then you need a Pokemon No Go Zone sticker, so that you can show you enjoy a non virtual reality life, appreciate nice walks in the park to look at natures finest displays of trees and grass and prefer to say ‘Bless you’ instead of ‘Pikachu’ upon the sound of a sneeze.

We can print this Pokemon No Go Zone as a car sticker, window, sticker, peel and stick wallpaper, we’re a print shop so get in contact and share you vision!
Contact our Team at  [email protected]

If you are one of the masses playing Pokemon Go and have got a nifty screen shot of your favourite little Squirtle, Charmander or what ever that fish that turns into a cool dragon is called.
Upload it onto our website and turn it into your very own personalised wall paper,

You can show off in front of your friends – cos capturing those precious Pokedex moments should be shown off … after all you did have to look like a person starving for phone reception bars in a park to get the shot.

Peel & Stick Wall Murals by Custom Wallpaper are a great way to impress your friends and clients with your interior design skills.
Due to the Self-adhesive technology they are super easy to install and even easier to remove.
Finally and best of all, they leave no adhesive residue when you take them down.

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