Ceiling painting of Palace Versailles near Paris, France

Ceiling painting of Palace Versailles

Self-Adhesive (Peel & Stick) Wallpaper: $82.50 per m2

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Product Description

Ceiling painting of Palace Versailles near Paris, France

Bring your interior style alive in your own space.
Create a feature wall or roof ceiling painting from Palace Versailles and feel like Royalty. 

Peel & Stick Wall Murals by Custom Wallpaper are a great way to impress your friends and clients with your interior design skills.
Due to the Self adhesive technology they are super easy to install and even easier to remove.
Finally and best of all, they leave no adhesive residue when you take them down.

So capture the essence of Luxury.
Stick this Historical European Fresco will encourage all things Fine Silks and Cupcakes inspire.
Behave like Marie Antoinette and keep your head with this revolutionary decor. 

If you are looking for a particular Artistic image or style, contact our team to see if we can help you in your search. Send a description to [email protected]

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