Beautiful seamless pattern with butterflies. Ink and watercolor on wet paper. Hand drawn illustration.

Beautiful Butterflies Seamless Pattern

Self-Adhesive (Peel & Stick) Wallpaper: $82.50 per m2

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Product Description

A Beautiful Butterflies Seamless Pattern. Ink and watercolor on wet paper. Hand drawn illustration.

Transform your wall into a stunning feature, Impress your friends and clients with this repeating pattern.

Easy to Install Custom wallpaper, Create your Wall Mural in 3 easy steps.

Give your space a sensational ambiance with this seamless pattern that reminds you of words such as:

anniversary, art, background, beautiful, beige, black, blue, border, brown, bud, butterfly, card, china, colorful, doodle, drawing, drawn, elegant, element, flowers, frame, garden, greeting, hand, ink, insect, line, mole, moth, nature, nightly, ornament, pattern, plant, postcard, retro, shape, silhouette, sketch, spring, stroke, summer, vintage, wallpaper, wet, white, season, trend, fashion, wrapping.

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